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How to manage your subscription on our site?

This article describes how users can change or manage their subscription settings after registering for a subscription. ELSOLUCIONARIO subscription settings can be quickly accessed via the profile page after logging in.

How to access the subscriptions page?

You can view your subscription information and manage your settings by accessing the Subscriptions from the user profile menu. First you must log in with your user, once you log in you must click on the link "YOUR PROFILE" as shown in the following image.

Then, in your profile you must click on the button "Subscription" shown at the bottom, this way we access the section where the subscription can be managed.

Review your subscription information and billing status

In the following section you can see the details of your subscription whether it is currently active or expired, depending on the status, as well as the next payment or renewal date and/or the date your subscription period expires. Here you will also find options to upgrade, cancel or change membership. And you also find billing information, where you can view invoices for payments made.

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